Staying Safe While Canoeing

When you are out on the water, whether you are in a canoe, kayak, or any other float or craft, there are many safety precautions that must be taken. Of course, some of the things are simply common sense, but it is still best to cover these items. We understand that in a case of emergency, you may not be prepared without having gone over what to do in such cases ahead of time.

One of the most important things you need when out on the water is a personal flotation device or lifejacket. Many times, I will see people out on a canoe without wearing life jackets. Most times, they will have lifejackets in the canoe but not actually on. Other times, I have seen only children wearing a lifejacket in the canoe. Even though I am a good swimmer, I always wear a lifejacket when I am out on the water you should have enough lifejackets in your canoe for every adult and child.

Another safety thing to consider when condemning is how to right a tipped canoe. This is one of those situations where it is important minimized the risk of tipping ahead of time. You can do that by carefully loading the canoe in a way that will reduce the risk of swamping. There are also several paddling techniques to enhance your maneuverability and stability. Knowing when to stay out of the water is also key to not tipping. You should always be prepared for the worst, though. Don’t wait until you are in a bad situation with all your gear floating away to figure out the best way to fix your mess. To learn how to properly right a canoe, speak with a personal instructor for hands-on instruction.

There are a few weather situations you should always be aware of when canoeing. In some places of the country, it’s not uncommon to start the day with lots of sun then be caught in the middle of a storm later in the day. When you know ahead of time how to do with the situation, you can keep yourself safe and continue the trip after the storm has passed. Heavy winds are another inclement weather situation to be prepared for. A personal instructor can help you discover what to do in each of these situations.

Being prepared is the best way to stay safe when out on the water in a canoe. Make sure you are well prepared before heading out on your next adventure.