Getting Started

Have you considered taking up the sport of canoeing? Does going on a canoe can’t sound interesting to you? If so, we are here to help you get started.

There is one important thing to remember if you are interested in canoeing: the basic fundamentals such as supplies needed are the same across the board and include things such as a canoe, paddles, life jacket, etc., but there are also many interpretations from individuals of those fundamentals. For example, everyone who canoes has their own canoeing secrets, favorite canoe, best recipes, and more. You can take all these preferences with a grain of salt when you are talking with others well-versed in canoeing. Remember, though, that as you get out and experience the water, you will discover what works for you.

Keeping the above information in mind, there are some practices that are generally accepted across the board. One such practice is to get out of the water anytime there is a lightning storm. In those cases, it is best to benefit from the experiences of others rather than learning the hard way.

Our goal is to help you learn from others’ experiences so you don’t have to learn the hard way things that will become common knowledge after spending some time on the water. Perhaps you are just beginning more canoeing adventures and have no idea what to look for in a canoe. Maybe you have never actually been out on the water and are uncertain what the laws are regarding your boat into public waters. Whatever your concern, our desire is to be a resource that you come back to regularly to learn and expand your knowledge of canoeing.

Of course, one thing we always just is to begin your canoeing adventures with the help of a professional outfitter or guide. They can help give you some personal instruction and understanding of local ordinances you may not otherwise be aware of. Also, if you have any questions or a particular subject matter would like for us to cover, feel free to contact us.